In July-August 2023, Magdalena Slavkova conducted fieldwork in the town of Dolni Chiflik, the village of Staro Oryahovo and the village of Trastikovo, Varna region. She did in-depth interviews with three men and five women. Five of the interviewees are from the group of Romanian-speaking Rudari (Kopanari), one man is from the Romani group of Burgudzhii, and two of the interviews were conducted with Bulgarian women. Most interlocutors, who are Orthodox Christians and evangelical Methodist Christians, live in Bulgaria, three of them are returned migrants, and one woman lives with her family in Romania. During the interviews, questions were asked about the way of life of the “left-behind” in Bulgaria, their social and economic situation, how they perceive emigrants, what is their opinion about life abroad and how they communicate with their relatives abroad.