Assist. Prof. Dr. Magdalena Slavkova participated in a national round table ‘On the power of knowledge and love for science’, which was held online on February 10 th, 2021. She presented a paper entitled ‘Consequences of emigration on Roma families in Asparukhovo neighborhood, Varna’. The participants in the round table were 19. The forum was organized by the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore with Ethnographic Museum – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elya Tsaneva. The presentation focuses on the effects of emigration on the Roma families in Varna, their employment status and living standards, family roles and relations, and the consequences of emigration on children’s education, whose parents work and live abroad. Special attention was paid to the effects of the June 2014 water disaster on people’s quality of life. The victims of the flood are trying to compensate the losses and to improve their financial situation through emigration, which, in the end, changes the whole vision of the Roma neighborhood.